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In an effort to fulfill the purpose of Crook County School District, the tech department works to maintain the infrastructure and devices used by the teachers, staff, and students to not only reach the outside world but to learn and teach in the most efficient ways possible.

All CCSD #1 students have access to devices daily and can check out devices when necessary by signing the appropriate device lending agreement. Students, grades K-6, have an assigned Chromebook that they can use throughout the school day. Those students in grades 7-12 have access to computers and Chromebooks throughout the day in their respective classrooms, computer labs, and specific classroom device carts. 


Moorcroft High School Chromebook Initiative:

Moorcroft students, grades 7-12, each have an assigned Chromebook device that they use throughout the day. These students have an optional $25 fee, that is used to offset any damage the device may incur. All students must have a signed agreement with the district to use their assigned Chromebook.


All CCSD students must have a signed acceptable use policy agreement as per district policy IGAO and IGAO-R prior to utilizing any electronic devices allowing a student access to email and/or the internet.

Tech Staff, student AI interact

Available Resources

The following technology resources are available to the stakeholders of Crook County School District #1:


  • Chromebook, Windows Computer, or iPad
  • CIPA Compliant WiFi Access
  • Printers/copiers
  • Cameras, video cameras, recording devices, robotics, plasma cutters, laser engravers, and graphing calculators. * List is school and program dependent.*


  • Windows Computer
  • Printer & Copier
  • Laminator
  • Large format plot printer
  • TV
  • SmartBoard or Newline Trutouch Panel
  • Document Camera 
  • Computer Lab or computer cart with devices
  • Wifi (may request to whitelist sites compliant with CIPA regulations)


  • Guest Wifi (as needed for sporting events and specialized extra-curricular activities)