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District Policies

District Policies

Foundations and Basic Commitments
 School Board Governance and Regulations
General School Admission
Fiscal Management
Support Services
Facilities Development 
Instructional Program
School-Community Relations
Education Agency Relations

Foundations and Basic Commitments

ACM Sexual Harassment 

School Board Governance and Regulations
BBA Duties of the Board 
BBAA Board Member Authority 
BBB School Board Elections 
BBC Board Committees 
BBE Board Vacancies 
BBF School Board Member Ethics 
BBF(1) Board Member Code of Conduct 
BBFA Process for Addressing Board Member Violations 
BBFA Board Member Conflict of Interest 
BCA Board Organizational Meeting 
BCB Board Officers 
BCD Board/Superintendent Relationship 
BD School Board Meetings 
BDC Executive Sessions 
BDDB Agenda Format - Preparation and Dissemination 
BDDB-E Agenda format
BDDD Quorum 
BDDE Rules of Order 
BDDF Voting Method 
BDDF-A Voting Method
BDDG Minutes of Meeting 
BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings 
BE School Board Work Sessions 
BEE Board Hearing/Appeal Procedures 
BEE-R Board Hearing/Appeal Procedures 
BFC Policy Adoption 
BFCA Board Review of Administrative Regulations 
BFE Administration in the Absence of Policy 
BFG Policy Review and Evaluation 
BG Board-Staff Communications 
BHA Board Member Orientation and Development 
BHD Board Member Compensation, Expenses & Insurance 

CA Administration Goals 
CB School Superintendent 
CBA Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent
CBC Superintendent's Contract
CBG Evaluation of the Superintendent 
CC Administrative Organization Plan 
CC-A Temporary Administrative Arrangements
CC-E Table of Organization
CC-EA-R Special Education Organization 
CCB Line and Staff Relation 
CCB-R Administrative Alignment
CH Policy Implementation and Development of Administrative Rules 
CHB Board Review of Administrative Regulations 
CHCA Approval of Handbooks 
CHD Administration in the Absence of Policy 
CL Administrative Reports 

DA Fiscal Management Goals 
DB Annual Operating Budget 
DBD Budget Preparation
 DBD-R Budget Preparation
DBK Line Item Transfer Authority 
DCA Management of Fund Balances & Capital Reserves 
DEC Revenue from State and Federal Sources 
DEFA Free Admissions 
DFAA Investment Policy 
DFAA-E Investment Policy
DFD Rentals and Service Charges 
DG Depository of Funds 
DGA Authorized Signatures 
DH Bonded Employees and Officers 
DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
DI-R Activity Funds Procedures Manual 
DID Inventories 
DIE Audits 
DJ Purchasing and Purchasing Authority 
DJ-R Purchasing & Purchasing Authority
DJ-R-2 Administrative Guide for Purchasing
DJ-R-3 Food Services
DJB Petty Cash Accounts
 DJB -R Petty Cash Accounts
DJD Local Purchasing 
DLA Pay Period 
DLC Expense Reimbursements 
DN School Properties Disposal Procedures 

EBAA Notification of Pesticide Application On or Within School 

EBBA Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission
EBC Emergency Plans
EBC-R Emergencies 
EBCA Emergency Closings
ECAB Security Camera System

ECAB-R Video Release Form

EEA Student Transportation Services 
EEAA Isolation and Maintenance Payments 
EEAA-R Student Isolation Payments
EEAAA Student Transportation 
EEAB School Bus Scheduling & Routing 
EEAB-R School Bus Scheduling and Routing
EEACC Student Conduct on School Buses 
EEACC-R Student Conduct on School Buses
EEAE Bus Safety Program 
EEAE-R Bus Safety Program
EEAEA Bus Driver Requirements, Training, & Responsibilities
EEAEA-R Transportation Personnel
EFA Health & Wellness 
EGAB Inspection & Copying of Public Records
EGAB-R Inspection and Copying of Public Records (Records Request)
EHAAB Password Management
EHAAC-E-Mail Security
EHAAD Data Integrity
EHAAE Data Backup and Storage
EHAAF Data Retention and Disposition
EHAAG Data Disposal
EHAAH Critical Analysis of Data
EHAAI Data Access Authorization
EHAAJ Data Contingency Operations
EHAAK Termination of Access to Data
EHAAL - Unique User Identification
EHAAM -Evaluation of Technology Security

Facilities Development
​​FA Facility Development Goals 
FE Facilities Construction  

GA Personnel Policies Goals 
GAA Fingerprinting and Background Checks 
GBA Equal Opportunity Employment 
GBAA/ACAA Sexual Harassment
GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making 
GBCA Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest 
GBCB Staff Use of School Vehicles 
GBCC Drug-Free Awareness Program 
GBCC-E Employee Notice of Drug Free Workplace
GBCCA Drug-Free Workplace 
GBCCB Alcohol & Controlled Substance Testing 
GBCCB-R Alcohol & Controlled Substance Testing
GBD Board-Staff Communication 
GBE Staff Health and Safety 
GBE-R Accident Reporting Procedures
GBEA Staff Communicable Disease Policy 
GBG Staff Participation in Political Activities 
GBI Staff Gifts and Solicitations 
GBL Personnel Records 
GBM Staff Complaints and Grievances 
GBM-R Staff Complaints & Grievances
GCA Professional Staff Positions
Assistant Principal
Athletic Director
Business Manager
Counselor, k-12
Director of Instruction
Director of Special Education
Media Specialist
Elementary Principal
Special Education Diagnostician
Speech Therapist/Speech Pathologist
Homebound Teacher 
GCB Professional Staff Contract and Compensation Plans 
GCBA Professional Staff Salary Schedule 
GCBB Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans 
GCBB-R Coaching Contracts Certified Staff
GCBB-E Coaching Agreement Certified
GCBC Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBC-R1 Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBC-R2 Administrative Guide for Payroll Deductions
GCBC-R3 Tuition Reimbursement- Certified
GCBD Professional Staff Leaves and Absences 
GCBD-R1 Return to Work 
GCBD-R2 Emergency Leave
GCC Staff Ethics 
GCCB Staff Conduct 
GCDD Residency Requirements 
GCE Substitute Professional Staff 
GCF Hiring, Retention, and Promotion
GCF-R Hiring, Rentention And Promotion
GCI Professional Staff Development 
GCJ Professional Staff Time Schedules 
GCKC Professional Staff Lounge 
GCL Professional Staff Development Opportunities 
GCM Supervision of Professional Staff
GCM-R Supervision of Professional Staff 
GCN Evaluation of Professional Staff 
GCN-R Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCP Professional Staff Resignation and Termination of Employment 
GCPA Instructional Staff Reduction in Force (RIF) 
GCPC Retirement of Professional Staff Members 
GCPD Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members 
GCQA Non-School Employment by Professional Staff 
GCQAB Tutoring for Pay 
GD Support Staff 
GDA Support Staff Positions 
GDB Support Staff Employment and Compensation Plans 
GDBA Support Staff Salary Schedule 
GDBB Support Staff Supplementary Pay Plan 
GDBB-R Coaching Contracts Classified Staff
GDBB-E Coaching Agreements Classified Staff
GDBC Support Staff Fringe Benefits
GDBC-R Tuition Reimbursement - Classified 
GDBD Support Staff Leaves and Absences 
GDBD-R Return to Work 
GDBE Support Staff Vacations and Holidays 
GDC Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring 
GDI Support Staff Assignments and Transfers 
GDJ Support Staff Time Schedule
GDN Evaluation of Support Staff
GDPB Resignation of Support Staff Members 
GDPC Retirement of Support Staff Members 
GDPD Suspension and Dismissal of Classified Staff 

IA Instructional Goals & Learning Objectives 
IC School Year and School Calendar 
ID School Day 
IE Organization of Instruction 
IG Curriculum Development, Adoption and Review 
IGA Curriculum Development 
IGAO Computer Education-Internet Networking Services
IGAO-R Computer Education- Assisted Instruction internet Safety 
IGAP Access Control
IGBA Programs for Handicapped Students 
IGBG Homebound Instruction 
IGBG-R Homebound Instruction
IGC Curriculum Program Development and Discontinuance 
IGCA Summer Schools 
IGD Co-curricular and Interscholastic Activities 
IGDB Student Publications 
IGDC Student Social Events 
IGDH Contests for Students 
IGDJ Interscholastic Athletics
IGDJ-R Interscholastic Activities 
IGE Adult and Community Education Programs 
IHAR Board Authorization for Extracurricular-Co Curricular Activities
IHBA Child Find 
IHBA-R Child Find 
IHBAB Special Education – Confidentiality Requirements 
IHBAB-R Special Education – Confidentiality Requirements 
IHBAC Special Education Program Options 
IHBAD Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) 
IHBAD-R Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) 
IHBAE Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) 
IHBAE-R Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) 
IHBAF Special Education Evaluation & Eligibility 
IHBAF-R Special Education Evaluation & Eligibility 
IHBAG Multi Tiered System of Support
IHBAG-R Multi Tiered System of Support
IHBB Gifted and Talented Education 
IHBC Programs for At-Risk Students 
IHBC-R At-Risk Students
IIA Instructional Materials 
IIAA Textbook Selection and Adoption 
IIAC Selection of Library Materials 
IIAC-R Selection of Library Materials
IICA Field Trips and Excursions
IICA-R Field Trips & Excursions
IICB Community Resource Persons
IJKA Software Purchase
 IJKA-R Software Purchase
IJNDA Employee Use of Social Media
IKA Grading System 
IKAB Student Progress Reports to Parents 
IKB Homework and Directed Study 
IKE Promotion and Retention of Students 
IKF Graduation Requirements 
IKF-R Test/Assessment Administration
IM Evaluation of Instructional Program 
 INB Teaching about Controversial Issues
INI Exemptions from Required Instruction


JB Equal Educational Opportunities 
JBMB Title IX Grievance Procedure

JBMB-E Complaint Form
JEA Compulsory Attendance Ages 
JEB Entrance Age 
JEC School Admissions
JEC-R Admission of Students from Non-Accredited Schools
JECB Admission of Nonresident and Tuition Students 
JED Student Attendance 
JED-R Administrative Guide for Attendance & Make-up Work
JEDB Student Dismissal Precautions 
JFAB Homeless Children 
JFAB-R Homeless Children
JFC Student Conduct
JFC-R Student Conduct 
JFCA Student Dress 
JFCB Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
JFCD Student Handbooks
JFCF-A Sexual Harassment 
JFCG Tobacco Free Schools 
JFCH Alcohol Use and Drug Abuse by Students 
JFE Married or Pregnant Students 
JFG Interrogations and Searches 
JFI Student Demonstrations 
JFI-R Student Demonstrations
JG Student Discipline 
JGA Corporal Punishment 
JGD Student Suspension or Expulsion 
JHA Student Insurance Program 
JHC Student Health Services 
JHCA Physical Examinations of Students 
JHCB Student Immunization 
JHCC Communicable Diseases 
JHCD Administering Medicine to Students
JHCD-R Administering Medicine to Students
JHCE Throat Culture Program
JHCE-R Throat Culture Program 
JHFA Supervision of Students 
JHFD Student Automobiles 
JHG Policy on Child Abuse
JHG-R Administrative Guidelines for Child Abuse Policy
JJIF Training, Information & Restrictions on Participation for Student 
Athlete Concussions 

JJIF-R(1) Training, Information & Restrictions on Participation for Student 
Athlete Concussions 

JL Student Solicitations 
JLDBB-Suicide Prevention
JLDBB-Suicide Incident Crisis Report
JLDBB-R Suicide Intervention Procedure
JLJ Seclusion & Restraint in Schools 
JLJ-R Seclusion & Restraint in Schools 
JN Student Fees, Fines and Charges 
JO Student Records 
JP Free and Reduced Price Meals 
JQ Student Trips
JQA International Student Travel
JQ-R-1 Students Trips & Activities
JQ-R-2 Administrative Guide for Student Travel Expenses 
JQ-R-3 Summer Travel Policy
JRDA Student Organizations - District Funding 
JRDA-R Student Organizations - District Funding
JRDB Student Activity Tickets 
JTA Off-Premises Student Social Activities 


KB Public Information Program
KBA Public's Right to Know 
KBCA News Releases 
KCA Title 1 Family Involvement 
KCB Community Involvement in Decision Making 
KD Public Participation at Board Meeting 
KG Community Use of School Facilities 
KH Advertising in the Schools 
KI Distribution of Literature and Advertising Materials 
KIB Sex Offenders Access to School Property
KIB-R Sex Offenders Access to School Property
KK Visitors to the School 
KL Public Complaints 
KLB Public Complaints about the Curriculum or Instructional 

KLB-R Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of a Book
KM Relations with Community Organizations 

LBD Home Based Education 
LBD-R-1 Home Based Education