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Things to Know In November

Posted Date: 11/08/2022

Things to Know In November

Here are a few things you might want to know this month.

CCSD Website

If you have been on our website lately, you may notice that it looks slightly different.  We are constantly working to ensure it is an excellent resource for parents and the community to find the information they need.  We are also posting a regular blog about pertinent issues in the district.  So make sure to keep an eye out for those articles at



Speaking of the internet, have you been following us on Facebook?  Not only does the district have a Facebook page, but be sure to follow your school's Facebook page as well.  Of course, you can always see what is being posted on Facebook on our website.


School Board Meeting

Our next school board meeting will be on Monday, November 21st, at Moorcroft Secondary School.  This will be the last meeting for three of our board members who are retiring.  We will take time that evening to honor them for their contributions to our schools.

While we are very proud of all of our school board members, we want to especially thank Mr. Ken Rathbun for 20 years of service on the board.  He has been invaluable to us, and we wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors.  Check out this short article about Mr. Rathbun.


Let’s Talk Policy

Did you know that all Crook County School District policies can be found online?  We are constantly working on updating these and making sure they are relevant to what we are doing today.  Check them out if you’re looking for a little light nighttime reading.


What Else Do You Want To Know?

Besides school policies, you can find out all kinds of things about Crook County School District.  Want to see the district budget?  You can do that. Curious about board meetings?  All of the board minutes are available for your viewing pleasure.  How much does a principal make?  Yep, that’s available too.  What is happening in a classroom?  Set up a time and go check it out.  Our teachers don’t mind an audience.  Actually, there isn’t much we can’t share with you.  If you have a question about a specific student or staff member, we are legally limited in what information we share.  Besides that, we are kind of an open book.  Like a great thriller novel that keeps you up to the early hours of the morning!


Here is a crazy idea.  How about a conversation?  Let’s chat.  Pick up the phone, send an email, or come by for a visit.  Any of our principals or the Superintendent would be happy to have a discussion.  We want to hear from you if you have concerns, questions, or ideas.  Believe it or not, a great school district needs great staff, students, and communities.  If we work together, we can make it happen.


Don’t Forget

There will be no school on November 23-25th to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Oh, and by the way, you have less than 50 days until Christmas!   


Good Luck,