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Facilities & Maintenance



The CCSD #1 Facilities Department is responsible for maintenance, construction and overall management of all buildings and grounds belonging to the district. 


Facilities and Purchasing Manager - Randy Gill

District-Wide Maintenance - Dustin Peterson

Sundance Head Maintenance - Matt Pangrac

Hulett Head Maintenance - Michael Ritchie

Moorcroft Head Maintenance - Steven Gerry


The CCSD#1 Facilities Department manages all bids through the Wyoming School Facilities Department bid listings.

To view bid opportunities, please see the Project Bid Information page and follow the link located therein.



CCSD #1 Facility Use

To submit a request for gym use, please read through the rules below and submit your request.

Click here to view gym availability.

Rules for Central Office Gym


  • Personal use of the gym is limited, and there is a $100 fee.
  • Scheduling is contingent upon approval and requires completion of the online ( “Request to Use Central Office Gym”.
  • Evening activities cannot begin after 8 PM and need to be completed by  9 PM.  A suggested time frame for evening use is two hours.


                   Central Gym


The gym floor is valuable and needs to be treated as such:

  • No street shoes – appropriate footwear is required.
  • Food and beverages are discouraged.  If any spills occur, they must be cleaned up immediately.
  • If you use chairs and/or tables, it is your responsibility to set up and clean up and return tables and chairs to their proper storage areas.
  • Do not drag tables or chairs or drop heavy items which can damage the floor. 
  • If damages are found or there is a mess left in the facilities, a cleaning fine of $250 will be charged and further use of the gym will be denied.  This determination is at the discretion of the superintendent.
  • Access of the facilities is limited to the gym area and restrooms.  Use of items or equipment during the activity must be kept within the gym. 
  • Use of the gym is limited to those participating.  Do not prop open doors.
  • Individuals using the gym must be at least 21 years old; children must be supervised by an adult at least 21 years old in all areas at all times.
  • Chairs and tables are available for use in the gym; however, they are to remain in the gym and cannot be checked out and taken off site.


Checklist After Using Central Office Gym


       1.    Clean up any food or beverage spills.

       2.    Wipe down tables & chairs if they are used.

       3.    Pick up all equipment.

       4.    Take trash to the outside dumpster.

       5.    Dust mop the floors.

       6.    Make sure all toilets are flushed.

       7.    Turn off lights.

       8.    Make sure doors close securely when leaving.

Central Office Gym use Request

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