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Parent Teacher Conferences

Posted Date: 03/06/2023

Parent Teacher Conferences

Twice each school year, two evenings are set aside for an age-old tradition called the Parent-Teacher Conference.  While it may look different at each school, the same thing has been happening for the last 100 years. A parent comes to school, and the teacher talks to them about little Johnny.

Johnny is a great student!

Johnny is so helpful!

Johnny sometimes needs help focusing.

Johnny is a great student!

The parent goes home and tells little Johnny to pay attention in class.  


In modern times, things look a little different.  Chances are pretty good that you have heard from your child’s teacher multiple times throughout the school year.  They have texted, emailed, Dojo’d, called, or saw you at Walmart.  If your kid has had a rough day or is struggling in class, the teacher has most likely reached out to you.  If your student is doing well, chances are you have probably heard about it.

In reality, communication between teachers and parents doesn’t happen a couple of times a year anymore.  Chances are you are hearing from them multiple times.  

What happens if you aren’t hearing about things as often as you would like?  Reach out.  You can email or call, and they will get back to you.  Want to see what happens in their classroom?  Schedule a time to come observe.  Have a conversation with them some way, somehow.

The truth is every teacher recognizes that it is in the best interest of the child if parents and teachers work together.

Even with all of this great communication, come to the parent-teacher conferences.  Walk into your child’s classroom.  Look at their projects on the wall.  Ask questions.  Shake the principal’s hand.  Stop by the art room and see what your little Picasso is working on.  Take the opportunity to walk into your son or daughter’s world for a few minutes.  

You may be pleasantly surprised.